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Move bots1 to the UK
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currently tools1/db1 are in the UK. It's closer to Miraheze. bots1 is really far away though and it probably makes quotes fairly latent.

We should ask about moving it. Maybe do a clean up of dependancy management and puppet. Get as much as we can puppetised and then we can hopefully just install copy the private part of puppet over and /srv and /var then run puppet once and bang it works?!

@MacFan4000: ?

Things on bots1

  • Sopel
  • StreamBot
  • SigmaBot
  • MH-discord
  • main website



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Main website should be fully puppetised.
Discord relays I don't mind looking at and sopel should be half done but I can add config.

My main concern is service templates.

StreamBot should be easy.

I have 0 clue about SigmaBot.

For SigmaBot, we could either setup an instance on the new node or else decommission it in favor of our plans to merge the cvt-feed functionality into MirahezeBot/StreamBot