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Access Request (MirahezeBot administrator) - Dmehus
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Though I know there's been a plan to add additional SSH access for me, I'm happy to shelve that part of the plan for now. However, my near-term priority (i.e., within the next 7-14 days or so), I do require MirahezeBot administrator access as part of required Steward access to administrate and make changes to the CVT Feed plugin, amongst other things. I would also like to be able to use the .addchannel command when I'm around so as to respond to requests in a timely fashion. When the Interwiki Feed plugin is built, I would also need this access for that. This should be an easy 👍 from all, I suspect, but happy to answer any questions if needed. Additionally, I'm happy to follow any directives given to me (i.e., to not use any commands that may break things).



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Only reason I haven't done this is your activity dropped so I couldn't find you to do it.

Approved. I'll make the next change to your access level giving you admin access from irc and any access the bot groups have on shell. (Also service access to restart stuff).

@Reception123: Checking you have no issues. I see @MacFan4000 was happy on IRC.