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icinga checks not working
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no checks/hosts are showing up



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I looked in the logs and found that icinga2 was trying to connect to the wrong database. I corrected this, and now nothing shows up on the web view. Unfortunately I don't have the knowledge to go any further with this. I've only ever setup icinga for use on single hosts. I've never tried to to a setup where there are multiple hosts.

MacFan4000 renamed this task from icingachecks not working to icinga checks not working.Aug 25 2020, 8:40 PM

So the checks are working but the checks that are non-tools1 are running on tools1.

I don’t feel comfortable trying to puppitize icinga or icingaweb

We can use NRPE, Both Miraheze+Wikimedia have monitoring modules that we can use.

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